Are YOU Holding Yourself Back From Success?

Are YOU Holding Yourself Back From Success?

What if I told you that in most instances you are actually what is holding you back from achieving all that you want in life? Some of you will sit up a little higher and scoff, others will ponder this for a moment then potentially come up blank unsure whether to agree or disagree.

There are several factors which we must consider when we are looking to achieve something and these factors will be present every time you want to change something in your life. For those of you who jumped on the high horse I can already tell you that what is holding you back is blaming others for your inability to achieve what you were wanting. It will always be external to you, someone else did something which caused you to miss the appointment, they wanted someone prettier or blonder, simply stating “it’s not my fault’, or “it never happens for me”.  To those of you on your high horses if you are even still reading this straight up, I am going to tell you that in order to create any success in any area of your life you need to stop blaming others or putting the blame on something external to yourself. You need to stop making excuses as to why not. Change your language to how could I do it better next time, what was I missing, where could I learn and grow myself further in order to create a higher level of success.

You see those who are most successful in any area of life whether in business or personal (such as a weight-loss journey) I can guarantee that these people overcame their excuses and took ownership of their journey and would have been saying thing such as “if I want to make this happen it is up to me” or “hmm, that didn’t work what do I need to change to create a different/the desired result”. When you become void of your excuses you will no doubt make different choices and therefore take different actions to create particular results. But being accountable to ourselves is just one part of this puzzle, another consideration is fear.

Fear is simply always going to exist, but when it comes to success it is about changing your relationship with fear and overcoming those fears which are simply trying to keep you safe and ultimately playing a small game. When it comes to having the healthy relationship with fear it is not about removing all fear, we still require a healthy dose of it when we come to the edge of a cliff or riding as fast as we can down a hill, fear is important in keeping us safe. When this safety comes in the form of protecting us from the unknown such as in the example of : if I was to believe in myself and start a business and it was to fail, I may not be able to live the life I currently live, nor have the financial security. Although these fears are valid, you are excluding all the possibilities of what if the business did incredibly well and the financial rewards were even greater than staying where you are right now. What is you were not only more financial, but were feeling fulfilled in life and work as you were working towards or living your purpose.

We are always so inspired by those stories of the individuals who came from nothing to create incredible success. What I notice this that they had nothing to loose, they were 100% in, with no other option than to create the success they pushed through when it was uncomfortable and scary, and they definitely didn’t have any excuses, they were all in!! Consider the story of the founder of KFC, he went to thousands and thousands of potential retailers with his chicken recipe but he faced rejection again and again and again, 1000’s of times, but he never gave up, he believed in what he had and knew it was a winner. Eventually a small diner on the side of a highway took on this chicken and then in time people came from all around just to stop and eat his chicken.

Extraordinary people are ordinary people making extraordinary decisions… Sharon Pearson.

This story also teaches us the importance of resilience when we are reaching towards our dreams even though we may be turned down again and again, if you believe enough and keep moving forward it is simply a matter of time before opportunity knocks.

This leads me into the most important part of any success, which is you must first believe in yourselves and your abilities to create your dreams. Without your own personal belief it is unlikely that you will develop the resilience in order to create the desired outcome. It is always nice to have someone standing in your corner to cheer you on, but we must realise that this also needs to come from within, we must be our own cheer squad. At times we will find that we will need to step out of our comfort zone and even move away from some people who are no longer where we are headed. Although this can be a difficult decision ultimately it allows for personal growth and expansion, therefore creating the room for you to become the best version of yourself.

Life Begins at the End of your Comfort Zone… Neale Donald Walsch

As you strive and grow for success as you define it remember this is your journey and it will unfold in the way it is meant to. Have faith in you and what you have to offer. Remove all your excuses and develop a healthy relationship with fear. The possibilities for your life are endless look at every opportunity as just that, an opportunity, to try or learn something new. You never know where the journey will take you, good, bad or otherwise if you have learnt something it has been a worthwhile experience.

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