Change Your Life in 90 Days

Change Your Life in 90 Days

It takes 21 days to change a habit, so what is possible in 90 days?

Being that we are in October there is approximately 90 days left till the end of the year. This is such a wonderful time to start wondering and dreaming about what we want the coming year to look like. What are you wanting to change? What are you wanting to improve on? Ultimately where do you want to be? Although if we are completely honest with ourselves we already know what we want to change, it’s those things that cause us frustration or those things we know that we don’t want.

Part of creating long and lasting change is initially to change the way in which we talk about things. It is a common belief within the coaching community that once you can verbalise what it is you are wanting you can have it, simply because you know what you are aiming for. So what are you wanting to achieve? These goals could be anything at all including changing/improving your finances, losing weight, starting that new business, quitting smoking, or any other form of goal. Everyone has this idea that setting some big life changes into motion should be done on the 1st of January, when you are tired from the partying and possibly hungover. But what if you decided that now was the best time in which to start putting things into action. The sooner you start the sooner you are able to achieve your desired goal.

If you knew what you were aiming for what actions would you take in which to achieve it?

The key to achieving any goal or desired outcome is to break it down into manageable step by step components. Especially when it is a big or long term goal, what can become problematic is that the outcome can sometimes feel so far away that we stop or fail to take the necessary action. The key to achieving these goals and any goal is the bite size pieces that you set to ensure you are able to celebrate the smaller wins along the way. When it comes to taking the action this is where changing our habits comes into play, it may mean switching watching TV or setting the alarm earlier in order to create the time and space in which to undertake the required action.

None of what I have said is ground breaking news to most people, this is what we already know all too well about what we need to do in order to achieve something.  So what is holding you back, you know what you are aiming for and what you want to create so why are you still waiting to take the action. What happens when January 15th roles around, have you started or are you still saying to yourself I will start next week or next month, as a general rule of thumb you continue to put it off and all of a sudden its some time in March and nothing has changed. Now stop here, in your mind the goal you were so excited about at the beginning of this blog suddenly seems like a lost cause, I want you the rewind back the moment when you thought of an exciting goal you want to achieve or life situation you want to change. When you think about the achievement of this, I want you to pay attention to your thoughts, what is the very first thing that comes up for you and don’t discount what comes up for one minute, because this may be the very thing that is going to stop you in your tracks. So often it isn’t our lack of initial action that holds us back from the greatness that we desire so badly, it is generally our self belief, general beliefs and fear that actually holds us back from the best and most successful version of ourselves. If the first thing you told yourself is I can’t do it, I want you to think of 3 reasons of why you can and 3 reasons why achieving that goal is so important.

What will the achievement of that outcome ultimately give you?

We as humans are incredible, yet we seem to doubt our own ability to create something amazing, I am here to tell you that you can do anything, be anything, or create anything you can verbalise or see in your  mind. You have the ability to change your life and the life of many around you if you choose. So what could you create in 90 days? You could choose to do nothing and as a result nothing will change. Alternatively you could choose to start chasing those dreams and goals you have or have been keeping hidden and buried for the right time, but there is no such thing as the right time, only now. Choose now how you want your year to end and next year to begin, you have the ability to live the life you want and deserve, but are you willing to take the necessary action?

In 90 days you have the ability to completely change the direction in your life. With consistent action towards smaller goals which ultimately lead to a greater goal you will always be moving in the right direction. You will be creating a sense of purpose in your life which is more powerful than you may realise. To have purpose gives our lives meaning, and that meaning is generally what we are seeking to find in our lives.

Dare to dream big with a long term vision and watch your life transform.

If you are wanting to create more meaning in your life and achieve your dreams and goals, refer to our website to learn more about our Mindset for Success Program, where you will be able to find tools and help to set you on your journey to success and purpose.

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