One on One Coaching

How can we help you

Working one on one with a qualified coach we break through your thought and behaviour patterns to help you create the change you want in your life. Finding the solutions which will best serve you moving forward.

One on one coaching is the best way to work through individual problems and delve into all those areas in your life that you know you can be more. We will be there with you on your journey to discover and overcome all that is currently holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself, achieving all that you have ever dreamed of and developing your self worth.

We offer coaching on a vast array of issues, the list below is some of the areas in which you can receive one on one coaching for.

  • Beliefs and values elicitation
  • Developing self love
  • Personalised coaching (you tell me what you want to solve)
  • Pattern disruption
  • Rediscovering your Ideal Self
  • Goal setting

We are about making coaching affordable and accessible to everyone. So contact us today to determine what value packed solutions we have for you based on what you are wanting to achieve.

About Pure Potential Life Coaching

Developed with a burning desire to help those they touched live their best possible lives, Pure Potential was brought into the world in 2018. Designed to help people overcome their obstacles to live an amazing life we strive to help people to unlock their unlimited potential. We believe that everyone has everything they ever needed within them, sometimes it just needs some help to be unlocked and discovered. Our Transformational Coach, Kylee is truly passionate about helping people to live their best lives. She strives to further her own knowledge and experience in order to better serve those whom seek her assistance.

Want to learn more about Kylee? Refer to our Team area for more information

Kylee Robertson

Kylee Robertson

Transformational Life Coach

I am delighted to be working in the coaching industry and help those who's lives I touch in a positive way. To leave the smile
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How can we Best Serve You

With various levels of assistance available to you, it is best to find something that will best suit you where you currently are and where you are wanting to go. From face to face, online programs and ebooks there is something that will meet your needs based on the level of assistance you are requiring. We are committed to helping you receive the best results we can. If you are unsure where to start, contact us now to discuss your own personal needs and which level will best suit you.

Have you enrolled in one of our programs but looking for more, simply upgrade the level of assistance. Contact us today to find out how.

  • One on One Transformational Session $120
  • One on One Transformational Session (Referred) $80
  • Platinum Coaching Package -8x One on One Session $800 
  • Gold Coaching Package – 6x One on One Sessions $600
  • Silver Coaching Package – 4 x One on One Sessions $400
  • Inspired Adventure Program – Cape to Cape Track $2,300
  • Ebooks   $14.99
  • COMING SOON Online Program – Mindset For Success $49.97
  • COMING SOON Online Program – Discover Your Unmasked Self $59.97