How to Know if You Need a Coach...

How to Know if You Need a Coach...

With so many different types of help for emotional and behavioural problems sometimes it can be hard to know when you need some help and what type of help to reach out for. Do I need a Psychiatrist (feeling rather screwed up, a Counsellor (feeling a little less screwed up), Spiritual Teacher (what is all that about anyway), or do I need a Life Coach (what do they do?)

As a general rule of thumb and something I have personally used as a guideline through my life is Counselling is for issues in the past, Psychiatry is for issues with the future, Spiritual teaching brings awareness and knowledge of how the universe works and Coaching, well basically in my opinion is a combination of all 3.

The World of Coaching can be a maze, there is a growing number of people who call themselves Coaches and they seem to delve into areas all over the place. This alone is why I believe it is hard to know when and why you may need a coach. There is so much confusion in the marketplace, it’s not clear cut.

There is the coach for everything, including relationships, business, personal growth, goal setting and the list goes on. But the secret in all of this is that in actual fact we are all one of the same. Some of us just choose to work in a particular area which interests us or we find that we attract a certain type of person or issue, therefore giving us more exposure and experience in that particular area of the field.

For me personally I love seeing my clients grow into all that they can be, which incorporates many different areas of life. It’s truly rewarding to see them step into their own personal power and take control of their life. Life no longer happens to them.

Fundamentally coaching at its core is about taking an individual from where they are to where they want to be. Although this sounds a whole lot like goal setting which I guess it is, there is always a deeper reason as to why something is not as we want it to be and why we have not already achieve the level of success or self love we are innately seeking. Coaching dives deep into the thinking and behaviours which are holding you where you are. Generally these are subconscious so bringing them out of the darkness and discovering their origins brings clarity and awareness in order to generate change.

When you know what and where something has come from, changing it becomes much easier because you know what you’re dealing with..

So how do you know if you need a Coach? Well if you are feeling stuck, that for one is a pretty good sign that a Coach could help you. When looking for a Coach seek out someone who has a message which resonates with you, like any mental health professional you need to trust and gel with the person you are talking to, if you don’t keep looking.

Additionally, if you are feeling unsatisfied in your life, coaching can help you uncover the deeper reasons behind it. So many of us simply view life as this is good enough, or this is all there is. This thinking alone is why many people feel truly unsatisfied in their lives. Although the reasons will most likely vary, a general sense that life isn’t all its cracked up to be indicates there are some other deeper things going on.

Life is meant to be full of colour, detail, experiences, people, love and so much more. If your life isn’t full of richness and variety something is missing. Never accept life to be dull and if what you’re feel or experiencing is, reach out to a Coach or other health professional to discover all that lays within you and bring all the variety and excitement that life truly has to offer.

Limit your life no more and find a richer existence.

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