Is There a Difference Between Knowing and Owning Your Self Worth?

Is There a Difference Between Knowing and Owning Your Self Worth?

There are many conversations that I have where I ask the question whether someone knows their self worth and the standards and expectations they have around it. So often the response is that they know their self worth, but I always became curious, if they had self worth, why didn’t their behaviour match?

Pondering this opened up the question as to whether knowing and owning your self worth were different. After throwing the ideas and concepts around in my mind I begun to consider they may actually be separate. It’s all good and well to know that we have this concept of self worth, but until we actually put it into practise, does it actually mean anything. If we don’t follow through then is it simply just another broken promise to ourselves about what we do and don’t allow into our life?

Knowing you have the concept of self worth comes as a result of all the personal development information getting around, we then stand on the nearest roof top and yell to all those who will listen “I HAVE A VOICE, I AM IMPORTANT, I HAVE WORTH”. Wonderful proclamation but has it changed your daily decisions and behaviours? You must excuse my directness here but I feel it is important to distinguish the difference between a decision to say something and to actually own it and LIVE it.

Owning your self worth is all about how you live it. It is about being consciously aware of who and what you are allowing into your world. It’s about knowing what makes you tick and what ticks you off. People with high self worth are often categorised as arrogant, please let me clarify this for you. A person with high self worth is simply confident and understands what they are deserving of in this life, if you don’t match up to the standards and expectations they have for the people in their life, unlucky for you, but your out.

To add some depth to this, people with high self worth are generally successful and most success comes from hard work and sacrifice. This alone doesn’t guarantee high self worth but there is also an understanding that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. You don’t have to have lots of money to make it into the top 5 but you must bring a level of value without apology. It’s about owning and knowing who you are and not feeling the need to have to apologise or dim your light. It is being free of judgement of self and others and living all that you are and achieving your highest potential.

There are many different aspects that make up self worth. Although it is a given in this life, it’s a journey to achieve it and along side it comes self love and compassion. Self worth means that you don’t give up on yourself or take the easy way out, you plan to achieve what you say you want to achieve and your word means something and isn’t something you give lightly.

If you live with only the concept of self worth all of this will be wishy washy, simply because you haven’t owned or possibly set the standards and expectations for both yourself and those around you. Those with self worth will reach down to pick up others and will not judge you in the general sense, but will determine a decision based on what you say and do, are you true to your word.

Developing self worth may not come from standing on top of a building with good intent, but requires us to sometimes make the hard decisions to keep ourselves on track, be true to ourselves and for our word to mean something. Knowing that you are worth more than you’re currently experiencing isn’t a bad thing, but simply an awareness of what you are wanting in your life. It is about living with the knowledge of what is truly possible for you.

Coaching you to build your self worth is possible but it will be exploring these things, your standards and expectations of yourself and others, what you want to achieve and what will you do to achieve that without excuse. Excuses kill your self worth, every time you say yes then don’t follow through you have chipped into your self worth. You can either choose to keep chipping away, or you can choose to follow through and add to your self worth.

Ultimately your self worth can not be created by people or situations outside of yourself, it is 100% an internal journey and one of great self discovery. Self worth without the ego is soft and full of love and compassion. Today is your chance to step up and be counted knowing your dreams and goals are possible if you simply keep moving forward and as a result your self worth will naturally develop along this path.

If you are seeking clarity on what direction you are wanting in this life or if you are feeling stuck where you are, coaching can definitely help you find the way and for that my team would love to see you Shine with direction and purpose.

Your time is now.

Have any questions? Contact us directly we would love to see you start to make the changes in your life to develop self worth and achieve the outcomes that you would love to experience in your life. Click HERE to touch base now.

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