Is your bank balance linked to your self worth?

Is your bank balance linked to your self worth?

With so much financial stress out there today it has become harder and harder to live the lives we are accustomed to live or we are simply wanting to improve.

There is nothing wrong with wanting more $$$ it doesn’t make you a greedy person. It simply means you are wanting something different based on where you currently are.

With so many different ways to make money sometimes it is hard to pick which one will be best for you and your families.

  • $ You can choose to work more hours
  • $ You can choose to get another job or re-enter the workforce
  • $ You can choose to invest any spare money
  • $ You can choose to cut back on your expenses
  • $ Implement a long term financial plan
  • $ Or any other alternative available to you.

There is a high probability that the majority of us won’t win a million dollars in the lottery so it is up to us to find another way.

The question is what will it be.

Now why is this on a life coaching blog I hear you thinking. Well there are times we manage to get in our own way when it comes to increasing the households bottom line. We don’t recognise opportunities which present themselves or it could simply be that we don’t believe we are worthy or capable of earning a particular amount of money. Are you aware of the beliefs and values you hold about money (e.g. money is the root of all evil)?

It is in this space that life coaching can assist and help you to see the opportunities and resources available to you and assist you in seeing your self worth. Coaching can also help you to review and identify the existing beliefs and values you hold and develop a new level of thinking that will support you in your desire to improve your financial position.

There are some levels of thought which lend towards the idea that our financial worth is simply dictated by your own self worth and I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this.

I am not suggesting that the person with the biggest ego is the wealthiest, but alternatively that the person who knows themselves and understands the level of value they have to offer will expect a particular level of financial return on their time and efforts and won’t settle for less.

Take some time to consider the following questions:

  • $ What do you believe about money?
  • $ What would having more financial freedom mean to you? and What would it give you?
  • $ How high is your self esteem?
  • $ What is your time and experience worth?
  • $ What is your financial goal EXACTLY?

Through considering these questions you will begin to unlock what is possible for you.

Your financial freedom is in your hands. What direction will you take to achieve your financial goals?

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