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Thank you so much for the workshop, it really opened my eyes and made me look at myself and the outside world differently. You’ve inspired and motivated me to get my lifetime goals. Thank you!

Ella P. Mindset for Success Workshop

DI had the opportunity to work with Kylee at Pure Potential Life Coaching over a period of a few months. We worked through my stress related issues of juggling family, my partners business, studies and also developing my own business’s in various fields. Throughout my coaching journey I was able o generate clarity, goal focused outcomes along with addressing my procrastination I was experiencing from stress and overwhelm. In addition, I was able to face and work through some of my fears which held me back from creating the change I wanted for myself. I am really grateful to Kylee and the change I feel in myself with allows me to continue to move forward in life. Vivienne F. One on One Coaching

I reached out to Kylee of Pure Potential Life coaching through a desire to create more organisation in my life. Through our journey together I realised the connection between my inner and external worlds. I also realised that the feeling of uncertainty was really creating many of my stress reactions. In dealing and working through these areas I have been able to implement the new strategies into my life where I am calmer and have greater clarity in relation to my studies and home life. Tess Healy One on One Coaching