Kylee Robertson

Kylee Robertson

Transformational Life Coach

I am delighted to be working in the coaching industry and help those who’s lives I touch in a positive way. To leave the smile on someone’s face and the knowledge that they have the power in their own lives really keep me striving for new levels in which to push myself in order to serve those in need.

The idea behind launching Pure Potential Life Coaching was to help people to realise their own true potential and expand their current experiences into one where the world is no longer a scary place.

Completing my studies at The Coaching Institute which is renowned as the best coaching school in Australasia, I felt very privileged to learn from one of the industries best, along with some amazing mentors. The journey to becoming a coach was one where I was also required to grow and learn as my clients would and do. This allows me the insight to help guide you on your journey, but also with the understanding that no journey is exactly the same.


Kylee Robertson grew up in the south west corner of Western Australia. Having faced many challenged through her life including depression, abuse and violence, she always strived to take her own experiences and use them to help others. Through developing her own self awareness and as a result creating a wonderful life for herself and those around her, Kylee realised the beauty and power of this type of  journey.

This journey ultimately lead her into the coaching arena where she could directly influence and help others to live their best lives and live it on their terms.

Passionate about helping people get the most out of life, on top of one on one sessions Kylee has taken to writing books and programs and running workshops to help people get the most out of life. She loves to be able to offer the resources in a way that they are affordable and available to people to the help them gain access to the information they need to create change in their lives.



Perth, Western Australia
(08) 6469-0823